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  • Beautiful warrior queen of the Middle East who almost brought the Roman Empire to its knees
  • She was the descendant of Egyptian leader Cleopatra and a powerful military/economic leader
  • She ruled the city Palmyra and carved out an empire so large it rivaled Rome
  • Palmyra was a melting pot of culture where she served as Regent and defeated Persians
  • After Rome was seen as weak she launched an open rebellion against her once ally
  • Many debate her mysterious death
  • Legend states she committed suicide just as Cleopatra did to avoid being put on display by the Romans when the Empire was restored

Expanded info:


“She was beautiful and highly educated, and made herself a ruler in the very masculine world of the Arabian desert,” – Richard Stoneman

Her face was dark and of a swarthy hue, her eyes were black and powerful beyond the usual wont, her spirit divinely great, and her beauty incredible. So white were her teeth that many thought that she had pearls in place of teeth. -‚ÄČAugustan History