Tiled with picocircuitry, the Xibalba SR5 is fiendishly accurate and hungry to grow.




“place of fear”
underworld ruled by Mayan death gods
houses deathly “Ball court” where heroes fight demons

Mayan culture

Travelers or people subjected to a series of deadly challenges to prove their worth. A cave maze of trials to simulate traversing the underworld aka land of the dead

Pico Circuit

Solid state circuitry use in micro processors to complete fast tasks and relieve memory or strains on main hardware

Expanded info:

There are twelve Lords or Gods of Xibalba and there are 12 different bosses or Ascendant Hive found in the Court of Oryx. Xibalba was also referred to as a court.


Xibalba is the death court below Earth, ruled by twelve gods aka the Lords of Xibalba. The first two are Hun-came  “One Death” and Vucub-Came “Seven Death”

Ten more Lords aka demons and hold domain over various forms of human suffering: sickness, starvation, fear, destitution, pain, and ultimately death.

The Lords work in pairs:

Xiquiripat “Flying Scab” and Cuchumaquic “Gathered Blood”, rule sickness

Ahalpuh “Pus Demon” and Ahalgana “Jaundice Demon” rule starvation

Chamiabac “Bone Staff” and Chamiaholom “Skull Staff” rule fear turning people onto skeletons

Ahalmez “Sweepings Demon” and Ahaltocob “Stabbing Demon” rule pain and destitution by hiding in the unkempt areas of a household

Xic “Wing” and Patan “Packstrap” rule death through coughing up blood while traveling

The remaining residents of Xibalba are thought to have fallen under the dominion of one of these Lords, going about the face of the Earth to carry out their listed duties.