Hawthorne gave you this old, heavily refurbished jumpship. Not moddable.


Wandering play on words

  • Traveling aimlessly from place to place
  • Itinerant


  • Non GuardianĀ defending those under her protection until all are safe and we can rebuild everything that was lost to the Cabal in The Red War

Expanded info:

Suraya Hawthorne
Human female sniper who left the Last City as a teenager to seek a new purpose
After the Red Legion invasion, she has discovered a way to lead humanity into an improved way of life
She has taken up residence in the newly established Farm in the European Dead Zone, working closely with the Vanguard
Suraya has a conflicted view of the Last City and the Guardians
She respects the Guardians for their protection of the people of the City, but considers its walls to be equivalent of a prison
She saved Commander Zavala during battle and now resides in the new Tower