Your victory is foreseen.



  • Celtic Priestess/Prophet of the Bructeri (a Germanic tribe) who predicted the Batavian rebels attack and successful victory against the Roman legions
  • She lived in a tower and was worshipped for her powers as a Völva which literally means ‘wand bearer’
  • Veleda practiced as a Völva (shamanic priestess) for her tribe, the Bructeri, in northeast Germany
  • In ancient Germany & among other Nordic peoples it was believed that priestesses were capable of seeing the future and tribes treated women like Veleda as living goddesses
  • The term Völva literally means ‘wand carrier’ or ‘wand bearer’, this lead to many of our modern visual representations of witchcraft and wizardry
  • She lived in a tower by the Lippe River, where tribes people consult with her mystical wisdom. No one was allowed inside, instead she was passed messages by a relative, who acted as an intermediary
  • Veleda promised Civilis victory, (the leader of the Batavian’s) and so he came out in open revolt against the Roman presence launching a successfull attack against the Empire

Expanded info:

  • Veleda was later romanticized in many works of fiction from historical dramas, fantasy and even Sci-fi.