Ulan-Tan’s Burial Ring

A replica of the legendary burial ring of Ulan-Tan.


Ulan Tan is associated with a faction named The Symmetry. This faction very much wants to work in concert with the Darkness. However, this intimidates the Vanguard as they are quoted as saying “Ulan-Tan’s teachings are too dangerous. Too much fear. Who knew he’d be more trouble dead than alive?”
Ulan-Tan’s thesis seems to cover a number of points:
Light and Darkness is a balance and they are in a symmetrical relationship.
We are in debt and must heal the Traveler for saving our humanity.
Lastly, all Light is connected “across space and time,” and the only thing that stops it from entering the “places between stars” is the Void which he describes as just another type of Light



The emblem found on Ulan-Tan’s burial ring is the same as the symbol found on the artifact Thanatonauts Lullaby and the exotic Alchemist Raiment

See Thanatonaut Bond For def.