Trondheim LR2

Wide rivers. Cold winters. Old songs. Find a way.


  • Trondheim was long time ago called Kaupangen which means trading place
    This name was given in 997 by the Viking King called Olav Tryggvason
    Until 1217 it was the capital of Norway and was used as the king’s seat
  • Important in Norse and Viking antiquity to the Lihult and Nostvet people
  • The Viking kings of Norway were crowned in Trondheim at the Oretinget, an assembly hall located alongside the Nid River
  • Legendary rulers such as Harald Fairhair and his son Haakon I the Good were both enthroned here.

Expanded info:

King Olav Haraldsson in 1030 was killed at the Battle of Stiklestad some 90 km / 56 miles north of Trondheim and consequently became a saint at the church in Nidaros
For centuries afterwards, Nidaros (Trondheim) was a major pilgrimage site for Europeans and one of the largest bishoprics in Scandinavia