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  • A city and municipality located in the Belgian province of Limburg, in the southeastern corner of the Flemish region of Belgium
  • Oldest town in Belgium, as the only Roman administrative capital within the country’s borders
  • As a Roman city, it was inhabited by the Tungri, and known as Atuatuca Tungrorum, it was the administrative centre of the Civitas Tungrorum district

Expanded info:

Ambiorix’s revolt

  • During the Gallic Wars between 54 and 53 BC in which the Eburones tribe, under its leader, Ambiorix, rebelled against the Roman Republic
  • Discontent among the subjugated Gauls prompted a major uprising amongst the Belgae against Julius Caesar
  • Fifteen Roman cohorts were wiped out at Atuatuca Tungrorum and a garrison narrowly survived after being relieved by Caesar in the nick of time. The rest of 53 BC was occupied with a punitive campaign against the Eburones and their allies, who were said to have been all but exterminated by the Romans