“To rend one’s enemies is to see them not as equals, but objects—hollow of spirit and meaning.” – 13th Understanding, 7th Book of Sorrow


Originally Wielded by Dredgen Yor, means “eternal abyss”

  • Resembles a jagged Thorn from a Rose stem
  • The green orb and aesthetics have a hive like appearance
  • Thorn may have evolved from a corrupted hand cannon “Rose”

Expanded info:

Dredgen Yor

  • Notorious Guardian who fell into Darkness
  • Murdered Jaren Ward who was the original Hunter who wielded The Last Word
  • Dredgen Yor was a Guardian known as Rezyl Azzir, a noble man, beloved by the people and celebrated as a beacon of hope against the forces that would destroy mankind
  • Chasing rumors of nightmares, he encountered the Hive on the Moon. Leaving his Ghost while outside while entering the chasms on the Moon, he fought and killed a Knight (Xyor’s betrothed) once inside
  • He survived bringing trophies of the defeated Knight with him and affixed them to his hand cannon, named Rose
  • Rezyl fell under the influence of the Darkness through whispers coming from his hand cannon he had grafted hive bone to
  • He named himself “Dredgen Yor” (means “The Eternal Abyss”)
  • After some time Yor drifted to the town of Palamon, where he first encountered Shin Malphur and left the town in ruins
  • Malphur’s mentor was Jaren Ward and he confronted Dredgen Yor, but was killed by Yor’s Thorn
  • Dredgen Yor was finally killed years later by Shin Malphur when he caught up to him