The Sundaresh Experiment 13-R


 Ishtar Collective research led to places unexpected, unexplored, and in some cases unsanctioned.


Maya Sundaresh

  • Researcher for Ishtar Collective  located on Venus and a founder of the Future War Cult.
  • During the Golden Age she studied the Vex and Ahamkara
  • Dr. Shim, Chioma Esi, and Duane-McNiadh were other members of her team
  • They captured a Vex on an operation platform named “Subject 12.”
  • The Vex was running a simulation of their entire environment and research team.
  • This required them to use a Warmind to break Vex logic


40 yrs later Maya joined a new research team on Earth that built a mind-forking device to penetrate the Vex gateway systems

She lost her love Chioma Esi and she became determined to reunite with her and quit the program

Later the Future War Cult continued to experiment with her device


Cayde-6 was appointed as her bodyguard during the Golden Age and fell in love with her although she didn’t acknowledge it.