“What kind of harebrained scheme have you got in mind this time?”



  • Chinese, the moon rabbit. “White Jade”
    Guards the elixir of life, makes the pill of immortality.
  • He Sacrificed himself to help three divine beings disguised as three starving old men.
  • The divine beings were sent to earth to find a replacement guard of the heavens.
  • The Jade emperor chose animals because he believed they are most pure.
  • The rabbit was given its white fur and immortality as a gift from the Jade emperor for its selflessness
  • The Jade Rabbit appears in many other cultures across the world.
  • In Korea and Japan the Moon Rabbit does not make divine medicines, but instead pounds mochi rice cakes in his mortar
  • In Vietnam, the Moon Rabbit is called Tho Trang who was taken to the moon by a fairy.
  • Native Americans and the Aztecs are also known to have stories about a rabbit on the moon

“Fate of all Fools” perk

  • Reference to a scene from Marathon 2 as the name of level 26
    It is the epitaph Durandal a (Rampant AI) carved into the moon of Lh’owon on which Tycho’s ship crashed
  • Latin “Fatum Iustum Stultorum.” and means “The Just Fate of the Foolish” or “The Just Fate of Fools”
  • The words have old testament origin as a warning against chasing the wind
  • The idea that all material things or labors done for “vanity” cannot be truly enjoyed and will ultimately be given to those who truly deserve them after death

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The unmanned Chinese lunar rover was named 玉兔 – Yùtù, after the Jade Rabbit