British word for Greenhouse

  • A atrium to shelter plants and provide luminescence. The glass appears green in color after many years of photosynthesis staining to the interior surface.

“The Glasshouse” a Prison

  • Name for a brutal military prison in the UK with a glazed roof. Became the nickname for any Prison

Glasshouse Sci-fi novel

  • Inspired by the book 1984 its Censorship wars

Censorship wars

  • 300 years before the novel begins, Censor factions target historical data and even memories of why the wars had started in the first place. Historians and archaeologists were singled out for annihilationThe period of forgotten history before the story begins is reffered to as the Dark Ages. This Because Data-storage methods changed so fast. Proper backups weren’t made  much of the data was encrypted, or stored on perishable media. many individuals from the Dark Age excised their memories too many times, creating a historical bias and many “censorship wars” are fought

Expanded info:

“Being Glasshoused”

  • It has been used to describe prisoners who easil submit to the will of authority after being institutionalized
  • This is a popular theme of 1984 which Orwell calls “Thoughtcrimes”
    George Orwell 1984

“Everything is luminous”

  • Famous quote
  • “Everything is Political” -George Orwell


  • ‘I dreamt-‘ he began, and stopped short. It was too complex to be put into words. There was the dream itself, and there was a memory connected with it that had swum into his mind in the few seconds after waking.
    He lay back with his eyes shut, still sodden in the atmosphere of the dream. It was a vast, luminous dream in which his whole life seemed to stretch out before him like a landscape on a summer evening after rain. It had all occurred inside the glass paperweight, but the surface of the glass was the dome of the sky, and inside the dome everything was flooded with clear soft light in which one could see into interminable distances. The dream had also been comprehended by — indeed, in some sense it had consisted in — a gesture of the arm made by his mother, and made again thirty years later by the Jewish woman he had seen on the news film, trying to shelter the small boy from the bullets, before the helicopter blew them both to pieces.