The First Domino

It was over before anyone even noticed.


Idiom: “fall like dominoes”

  • To fall sequentially, one object in a line, falling against the next object, causes it in turn to fall, and that second object causes a third to fall, etc.
  • The process can be repeated an indefinite number of times
  • Expression meaning the first action or mistake causing a series of actions or mistakes to happen afterwards


In reference to SIVA as marked on the ships wing


  • A Golden Age breakthrough in self-assembling, self-replicating nanotechnology
  • Created by Clovis Bray to accelerate humanity’s colonization effort
  • The technology was to be used to create new structures and colonies on new worlds
  • Later discovered by the Iron Lords during the early City Age
  • It was used against them with the aid of the last Warmind, Rasputin, when they tried to steal SIVA in their attempt to better humanity
  • After being sealed away by Lord Saladin for many years the Fallen House of Devils found it and took it to be the perfection of technology
  • They sought to perfect themselves entirely, freeing them from their dependency on their life source ether and became The Devil Splicers