Historical and Folklore

Norman Lord

  • Declared himself a king & married Aoife Lead raids & conquered many territories Legend: He Cut a stone in half with his sword
  • Legendary ruler in Ireland. From the thousand years of war Norman, Gaelic, and Viking Clash He was a blood thirsty Norman Lord

Expanded info:

  • Myth states while on approach of Waterford he once cut a rock in half just to temper his sword. This site is said to still stand
  • Strongbow was married to the daughter of an exiled king her named Aoife pronounced “Ee-fee” means radiant
  • Marriage was significant as it shows a union of clashing history, adopted the new culture that was emerging & may have been a setup
  • Some view Aoife as a traitoress possibly given in marriage to overthrow and sustain a rule later on.


  • The marriage was documented in two famous paintings one in watercolor and one in oil by artist Daniel Maclise’s
  • Many items in the portrait had been suddenly changed in his final painting, speculated as a result of being forced to do so
  • Strongbow declared himself king of Leinster after previous ruler Diarmait’s death. He had no right under Gaelic law