“Steel Atreus”

Some day we’ll dance our little dance to the end…but not today. Not today.



  • Grandson of Tantalus, whose family was blighted by curses from the gods for five generations
  • King Atreus and his twin brother Thyestes of Mycenae
  • He quarreled with his brother Thyestes and invited him to a banquet at which he served the flesh of Thyestes’ own children
  • Exiled by their father for murdering their half-brother Chrysippus to gain the throne of Olympia
  • Mycenae is where he stayed and ascended to the throne while King Eurystheus, was fighting the Heracleidae
  • The misfortunes of the house of Atreus are favorite subjects for Greek tragedy dramatists


Expanded info:

The idea is the struggle will go on and on, as if we are dancing with this curse at the end


  • Structural horizontal block or in modern times a steel I beam that supports the space or opening between two columns such as a fireplace, mantle or entrance
  • Ornamental non load bearing lintels have been used on bridges, over portals and tomb entrance’s
  • Treasury of Atreus in Mycenae, Greece is one of the largest Lintels in the world