Spectral Gain

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A spectrum is simply a chart or a graph that shows the intensity of light being emitted over a range of energies, example rainbows

Sunlight sent through raindrops is spread out to display its various colors

The different colors are only what our eyes perceive radiation with slightly different energies to look like


  • Is a tool that helps scientists understand how an object like a black hole, neutron star, or active galaxy produces light, how fast it is moving, and what elements it is made of
  • Spectra can be produced for any energy of light, from low-energy radio waves to very high-energy gamma rays
  • This uses the chart known as “The Electromagnetic Spectrum”

Spectral Gains

  • gain mode
  • gain spectrum
  • color-gain

Expanded info:

“B-mode”= refers to the Brightness (brightness)
“gain”= is the increase of the amplitude of a signal
It can increase in brightness with 256 grey scales
Increased the color Increase of the spectrum