Rose and Bone

In his strong hand the man held a Rose. And his aura burned bright.


Reference to Dregen Yor

Dredgen Yor

  • Notorious Guardian who fell into Darkness
  • Murdered Jaren Ward who was the original Hunter who wielded The Last Word
  • Dredgen Yor was a Guardian known as Rezyl Azzir, a noble man, beloved by the people and celebrated as a beacon of hope against the forces that would destroy mankind
  • Chasing rumors of nightmares, he encountered the Hive on the Moon. Leaving his Ghost while outside while entering the chasms on the Moon, he fought and killed a Knight (Xyor’s betrothed) once inside
  • He survived bringing trophies of the defeated Knight with him and affixed them to his hand cannon, named Rose
  • Rezyl fell under the influence of the Darkness through whispers coming from his hand cannon he had grafted hive bone to
  • He named himself “Dredgen Yor” (means “The Eternal Abyss”)
  • After some time Yor drifted to the town of Palamon, where he first encountered Shin Malphur and left the town in ruins
  • Malphur’s mentor was Jaren Ward and he confronted Dredgen Yor, but was killed by Yor’s Thorn
  • Dredgen Yor was finally killed years later by Shin Malphur when he caught up to him

Expanded info:

His hand cannon Rose ultimately corrupted Rezyl turning him into Dregen Yor in the end.

This seems to happen after he grafted Hive bones to the gun and it began to whisper to him