1. “There’s a new player over on the Shore. He calls himself ‘Crow.’ As if trying to rub our prince’s death in our faces.” —Report from Paladin Hallam Fen
  2. “The Reef grieves for Uldren Sov, lost in the Taken War. He will be remembered as a voice for peace.” —Paladin Devi Cassl
  3. “Petra Venj, I formally request that you take the Queenship.” —Paladin Leona Bryl
  4. “Regent-Commander Petra Venj, if you take the Queenship, I will take my fleet and leave.” —Paladin Kamala Rior
  5. “It’s from ‘Paladin Oran.’ ‘Use less data, route electron notices forward over Uranus-Neptune divide.” —Paladin Hallam Fen



  • Person who recklessly exhausts resources in an extravagant way
  • Person who leaves home and behaves recklessly, but later makes a repentant return
  • Humbled by failure yet still accepted by peers

Prodigal Son

  • Man or boy who has left his family in order to do something that the family will disapprove of and has now returned home feeling sorry for what he has done