1. Seek more than knowledge to unlock understanding.
  2. Beyond your reach is all you ever dreamed and more than you can imagine.
  3. Hold closely all you have learned. It is your weapon and your shield.
  4. Search your truth, no matter how long the journey.
  5. You know much, but this is all that matters… you are not alone.



  • A lover of learning and studying
  • Philomathy is similar distinguished from to philosophy in that-soph, specifies “wisdom” or “knowledge”, rather than the process of acquisition thereof
  • An astrologer or predictor

    In a philosophical dialogue, King James characterized Philomathes to debate on arguments of whether the ancient religious concepts of witchcraft should be punished in a politically fueled Christian society

  • Using a character Epistemon King James poses arguments based on concepts of theological reasoning regarding society’s belief as his opponent
  • Philomathes, take a philosophical stance on society’s legal aspects but sought to obtain the knowledge of Epistemon
  • This philosophical approach signified a philomath seeking to obtain greater knowledge through epistemology
  • The dialogue was used by King James to educate society on various concepts including the history and etymology of the subjects debated

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