Noble Constant Type 2

  1. Take pride in your duty.
  2. So long as one Titan stands, so too stands the Wall.
  3. Steadfast and true.
  4. Our sweat, our sacrifice, our responsibility.
  5. Where you stand, they will fall.



  • Distinguished by rank or title.
  • Hereditary class that has special social or political status, Aristocracy
  • Exalted moral character, excellence:
  • Admirable, dignified
  • Very impressive or imposing in appearance


  • Unchainged
  • Occurring continuously over a period of time

Expanded info:

Flavor text “Steadfast and true”

  • The motto is the title of two military marches, Carl Teike (1903, English title “Steadfast and True”) and another by August Högn (1905)
  • Final verse of the Argonnerwaldlied (1914). From 1909, the motto was embossed on the belt buckles of Bavarian troops
  • First World War, the motto was frequently reproduced