Famous Casino Resort in Monaco

Films featuring Monte Carlo Casino

  • To Catch a Thief (1954) a Alfred Hitchcock film
  • James Bond “GoldenEye”, “Never say never again” and “Thunderball”
  • GoldenEye was released in 1995 after a six-year hiatus


  • Famous book “Casino Royale”
  • Starts the story of now Famous British international agent/spy James Bond
  • The character James Bond has been in many books,TV shows, and movies.
  • In the James Bond 1967 movie of the same name the international Spy meets Xenia Onatopp inside the Casino. First he beats her at a game of Baccarat and then he meets her for a drink at the bar.


  • Algorithms that repeat random sampling to obtain numerical results. Solving problems randomly that might be deterministic in principle.

Expanded info:

  • Ornaments: Superspy and Royal flush give hints to its Casino references


  • Monte Carlo was even a location for the late 1960s British London based series Randall and Hopkirk in the eleventh episode of the series
  • “The Ghost who Saved the Bank at Monte Carlo”