Monolith Bleed II-IV

  1. Listen for the protests of weak minds breaking – crying out that their defeat was an error, a mistake.
  2. “In a broken fortress at the heart of a poisoned land lies the wish-maker…”
  3. The Crucible gave birth to the thanatonauts: Warlocks who hunt for secrets in death.



Anything massive, uniform and unmovable

  • Geological feature consisting of a single massive stone or rock, such as some mountains, or a single large piece of rock placed as, or within, a monument or building
  • A single massive stone or rock
  • Column made from one single piece of stone
  • Can also mean a large marker to honor an important deceased person, similar to a headstone, obelisk or epitaph

Expanded info:

  • Land impersonal political, corporate, or social structure regarded as intractably indivisible and uniform
  • Monolithism, extreme rigidity or orthodoxy of a political or ideological movement

(chemistry, chromatography)

  • A continuous stationary-phase cast as a homogeneous column in a single piece.


Monolith bleed

Thanatonaut flavor text:

  • Thanatonaut: a blend of greek words “thanatos (thanato-)” and “nautes (-naut)”meaning “death voyager.” Think of this example: An astronaut exploring death instead of space.
  • Word origin: used in a sci-fi book titled Les Thanatonautes. This is a French novel written by the author Bernard Weber.
  • In Destiny: Warlocks who routinely kill themselves in order to collect data and experience visions of the afterlife or their own previous lives, before ultimately being revived by their Ghosts.