An ancient instrument of war, renewed and enhanced by Light, not unlike you.


Surname Means “Tail”

Alexei Khvostov

  • was an opponent of Rasputin
  • Khvostov became Vice Governor and then Governor of Novgorod
  • When Pyotr Stolypin was murdered Alexei wanted to become minister, but Rasputin paid him a visit as an order of the Tsar “to look in his soul” and then decided he was too young to be appointed.

Expanded info:

  • Count Vladimir Khvostov protested Alexei as well and ran opposed
  • Kokovtsov asked the Tsar to authorize Rasputin’s exile to however the czar Nicholas refused
  • “I know Rasputin too well to believe all the tittle-tattle about him.”
  • Kokovtsov had offered Rasputin a substantial amount of money to leave for Siberia and ordered the newspapers not to mention his name in connection with the Empress.
  • The Tsar dismissed Kokovtsov on January 29, 1914 for a “lack of control over the press”