Kerak Type 2

  1. They look to you for inspiration. Be brave.
  2. You are a problem solver, hero. Keep punching.
  3. These worlds have need for your might. Stand strong.
  4. Being a Titan means always having the high ground.


al-Karak from the Aramaic word for town, Kharkha

Kerak Castle is a large Crusader castle located in al-Karak, Jordan. It is one of the largest crusader castles in the Levant

  • One of the three largest castles in the region, the other two being in Syria. Al-Karak is the capital city of the Karak Governorate
  • The castle was only in Crusader hands for 46 years. It had been threatened by Saladin’s armies several times but finally, surrendered in 1188, after a siege that lasted more than a year
  • Saladin’s younger brother, Al-Adil was governor of the district until becoming ruler of Egypt and Syria in 1199
  • Was the place of exile and a power base several times
  • Its significance lay in its control over the caravan route between Damascus and Egypt and the pilgrimage route between Damascus and Mecca


Expanded info:

Standing since the Iron Age, it was an important city for the Moabites In the Bible it is called Qer Harreseth or Kir of Moab in the Books of Kings (16:9) and Book of Amos (1:5, 9:7)

In 1958 the remains of an inscription was found in Wadi al-Karak that has been dated to the late 9th century BC.

Contains some of the oldest Christian communities in the world, dating as early as the 1st century AD after the crucifixion of Jesus Christ
The area eventually fell under the power of the Nabateans. The Roman Empire – with support from the Arab Ghassanid tribe, or Ghassasinah in 105 AD.