Jiangshi AR1,AR4

  1. A modded version of the Omolon Jiangshi, a Guardian standby.
  2. You can’t outrun the dead.


Jiang shi: “Hopping Vampires”

  • Undead creature in Chinese folklore
  • Recognized by their posture & movement
  • Their arms are permanently outstretched & they hop, as a result of stiffness due to the rigor mortis in its body
  • Kills the living to absorb qi aka “life force” aka “light”
  • Some of these beings look like normal humans & others are a little more decomposed like zombies. Some have been depicted with sharp teeth, long nails, and emitting a green phosphorescent glow.
  • In some versions of the story, the jiang shi are said to be able to grow stronger, thus allowing them to acquire skills such as flying and transforming into wolves.
  • If the undead creature is able to consume enough anima driving light force they may return to the living again


Expanded info:

  • One version of the myth, claims a jiang shi is created when a person suffers a violent death
  • This type of death causes the soul to be unable to leave the body, thus resulting in a reanimated corpse
  • Another belief is that a corpse may become a jiang shi if it is not given a proper burial
  • The dead body may become restless, and return to haunt the living
  • Corpses struck by lightning or hopped over by a cat are also said to turn into this undead creature
  • Corpse drivers during the Qing Dynasty were responsible for escorting those who died far from home their birthplace in an effort to prevent the souls unrest and possible transformation