Jade Rabbit SRL

  1. “Where one person sees a god, another sees only a shadow on the moon.” —Ikora Rey
  2. “There is a precision in speed. The slightest shift can result in victory…or end in disaster.” —Lord Shaxx
  3. Ancient technology repurposed for the modern Guardian.
  4. There was a moment where the hare chose not to defeat the tortoise.
  5. Bushy tail not included.
  6. Just a hop, skip and a jump across Mars.
  7. Follow the tracks to the finish.
  8. Run until you pass the rabbit.
  9. The wolf always catches the rabbit in the end.



  • Chinese, the moon rabbit. “White Jade”
    Guards the elixir of life, makes the pill of immortality.
  • He Sacrificed himself to help three divine beings disguised as three starving old men.
  • The divine beings were sent to earth to find a replacement guard of the heavens.
  • The Jade emperor chose animals because he believed they are most pure.
  • The rabbit was given its white fur and immortality as a gift from the Jade emperor for its selflessness
  • The Jade Rabbit appears in many other cultures across the world.
  • In Korea and Japan the Moon Rabbit does not make divine medicines, but instead pounds mochi rice cakes in his mortar
  • In Vietnam, the Moon Rabbit is called Tho Trang who was taken to the moon by a fairy.
  • Native Americans and the Aztecs are also known to have stories about a rabbit on the moon




    The unmanned Chinese lunar rover was named 玉兔 – Yùtù, after the Jade Rabbit