Iron Truage Titan

  1. When the Last City was just a patchwork of campfires, the Iron Lords stood guard.
  2. The Iron Banner tournament keeps alive the heroes of humanity’s dark past.
  3. The Iron Lords were the first to declare themselves Guardians of the Traveler and the people.
  4. Lord Saladin keeps his fallen compatriots’ memories alive.
  5. “We are the last hope. We must be unbreakable. I demand nothing less.” —Radegast, defying Segoth



Antique word

  • A pledge of truth or peace made on payment of a tax.

Expanded info:

*Via Ishtar Collective

Lord Radegast formed the Lords of Iron to protect humanity after witnessing the death and devastation caused by Warlords who were using the Traveler’s Light to terrorize civilians. He was inspired by “the knights of old”


He fought a battle against five enemy Warlords, resulting in the devastation of the surrounding area, causing him to Lead other Risen for noble cause

Radegast became weary of Risen fighting with one another, and united his protectors of humanity under the name the Iron Lords