Iron Symmachy

  1. “Cunning can topple strength any day. Hone yourself.” —Lady Perun
  2. “Never raise arms without reason.” —Lady Efrideet
  3. “If your heart is not full of dread before a fight, you are no better than the Warlords.” —Lord Gheleon
  4. “If you step to war, you’d best step with a plan.” —Lady Perun
  5. “Suffer no evil.” —Lady Efrideet

  1. “If you lack the resolve, stand aside.” —Lord Saladin Forge
  2. “An open hand to humanity. A closed fist to evil.” —Lord Radegast
  3. “Fight with joy in your heart.” —Lady Jolder
  4. “The Temple is the foundation stone upon which we will rebuild humanity.” —Lord Silimar
  5. “Why were we Risen if not to defend the helpless?” —Lord Radegast

  1. “Every scrap of knowledge is a tool waiting to be weaponized.” —Lord Timur
  2. “Stretch toward your foes. Do not shrink away just because you do not understand them.” —Lord Timur
  3. “There’s always that kernel of doubt. Ask yourself, what circumstances shaped my arrival here?” —Lord Felwinter
  4. “You must find ways to keep hold of yourself as the world burns around you.” —Lady Skorri
  5. “Who will sing your songs, if not you?” —Lady Skorri



  • Fighting together or in an alliance with an ally (or allies)
  • Fighting jointly against a common enemy
  • Unified force a group or collective operating as one mind
  • States in allegiance with one another