Heart of Inmost Light

On the cusp between life and light, between death and destruction.


Inmost light or Ka in Ancient Egypt

  • Ka Egyptian concept of vital essence, death occurrs when the ka leaves the body
  • Heqet or Meskhenet are the creator of each person’s ka, breathing it into them at the instant of their birth as the part of their soul that made them be alive. This resembles the concept of spirit in other religions.

Egyptians belief the ka was sustained by consuming offerings and was often referred to as the Inmost light

Akh was a concept of the dead associated with thought

  • Following the death of the physical body the Ka helps reanimate the Akh, but a proper funeral had to be followed as well as constantly consuming offerings.
  • Ritual was termed: se-akh ‘to make (a dead person) into an (living) akh.’
  • It can even develop into a ghost or roaming ‘dead being’
  • Akh could do either harm or good to persons still living, depending on the circumstances, causing e.g., nightmares, feelings of guilt, sickness, etc. It could be invoked by prayers or written letters left in the tomb’s offering chapel also in order to help living family members, e.g., by intervening in disputes, by making an appeal to other dead persons or deities with any authority to influence things on earth for the better, but also to inflict punishments.


Inmost light


  • Author Arthur Machen early career was very controversial, because of his horror book “The great god pan”. This was later revised as “The Whirlwind” it was paired with another story “The Inmost Light” to create a longer publication
  • While it was denounced by the press during its debut, it is now a classic. It has become a major influence on many horror and sci-fi authors today.
  • Michael Arlen-“Hell said the Duchess”
    H.P. Lovecraft-“The Dunwich horror”
    Stephen King-“N” “Revival” “The lawnmower man”
    Racheal Klien-“The Moth Diaries”
    Clark Ashton Smith-“The Nameless Offspring”
    Peter Straub-“Ghost Story”
    Paul Jean Toulet-“Monsieur du Paur, homme”


  • Means “of everything” and Paein PastureMythologyGod of the wilds could be Son of Zeus.

    Robert Frost Poem “Pan with us”