Haunted Earth

“Those we’ve lost still linger in every place we look. Earth is no place for the living.” —Arach Jalaal



  • Frequented by a ghost
  • Having or showing signs of mental anguish or torment.

Expanded info:

*May be reference to “The Haunted Earth” Sci-Fi novel by Dean Koontz

In the future years of 2000, Earth is visited by a race of benevolent aliens with tentacles called the Maseni
They brought with them their supernatural brothers and show mankind how to “release from bondage” which is our own mythological and supernatural entities
This causes Mankind to now share the Earth with vampires, werewolves, minotaurs, dryads, trolls and other fantastic creatures
All our myths, beliefs, legends and fairytales are real, and because Mankind created them, they look, sound and behave the way we believe

“As you know, the supernatural is at the mercy of human creation, just as humanity is at the mercy of the spirits’ creation. It is a closed circle. God created us, yet we created God, sort of like your riddle: Which came first, the chicken or the egg?”

From the book

  • The Maseni were humanoid, but no creature with bulbous forehead, slit mouth and tentacles where fingers should be would ever be mistaken for a man. The Maseni had been on Earth for ten years — years in which the human race reeled under the shock not only of meeting an alien intelligence, but of knowing for the first time that Earth did not belong to men alone. For the Maseni held the secret of contacting the worlds of the supernatural, and now all of the creatures of legend and mythology had been released from their ancient bondage. Not all of them were happy about the new freedom however — even a vampire is apt to resent the interference when he’s stopped in mid-bite by the precise wording of a decision handed down by the Supreme Court of the United Nations.