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Khioniya Guseva: Assassin
“The Woman who tried to kill Rasputin”

  • Her nose was missing due to an adverse reaction to a medication (Age 13)
  • Disguised as a street beggar & her face hidden under a veil she stabbed Rasputin with a knife as he reached in his pocket to give her a coin
  • Guseva, a fanatically religious woman, had been Iliodor’s (an enemy of Rasputin) adherent in earlier years and “denied Iliodor’s participation, declaring that she attempted to kill Rasputin because he was spreading temptation among the innocent. Iliodor later admitted to it
  • The local procurator decided to suspend any action against Iliodor for undisclosed reasons, Guseva was locked up in a madhouse in Tomsk and a trial was avoided
  • Khioniya Guseva’s most striking physical feature was the total absence of the nose, lost, due to an adverse reaction to a medication at the age of 13 years, although the newspapers at that time wrote that it was instead a consequence of syphilis
  • Sunday afternoon July 12th 1914 [O.S. 29th of June] after his dinner, Rasputin left his house. He had just received a telegram, and left his home to reply to it when he was attacked by Guseva who then drove a knife into his abdomen
  • After Guseva screamed “I have killed the Antichrist!”


Expanded info:

  • After the attack, still not dead, Guseva chased Rasputin through the streets in order to finish the task, but he hit her in the face with a shaft, and a crowd quickly gathered chanting “Let’s kill her!” so she turned herself over to the constable and was placed on trial
  • After seven weeks, Rasputin recovered from the knife attack, but he remained in pain until his death after another assassination plot a full year and half later