Flaming Arrow Shell

For Ghosts who follow the true path.


  • Origin from the epic poem Aeneid
  • Story of Aeneas, a Trojan who travelled to Italy, where he became the ancestor of the Romans
  • During the story there are funeral games, which are a symbol of Roman history and formation (its past and future)
  • Represents empiric destiny; and is a model for how the Aeneid itself (and classical education more generally)┬ácan nourish our children
  • An archery contest displays a direct and symbolic intervention by the gods
  • Acestes raises his bow and launches an arrow high into the air. Right before their eyes, the arrow turns to flame and blazes out in fire
  • Was seen as a marvel destined to shape the future
  • Is still seen during the Olympics when an archer shoots an arrow into a flame check to signify the beginning of the games
  • Is also cited in many religious text as a symbol of flying true or on the right path to a idealized future