“Extinction Event”

Dodging the Permian bullet.


Extinction event

  • Mass extinction or biotic crisis
  • Widespread and rapid decrease in the biodiversity on Earth
  • The event is identified by a sharp change in the diversity and abundance of multicellular organisms or life It
  • Occurs when the rate of extinction increases with respect to the rate of speciation.
  • Fossil records show the background rate of extinctions on Earth is about two to five taxonomic families of marine animals every million years.
  • Marine fossils are mostly used to measure extinction rates because of their superior fossil record and stratigraphic range compared to land animals


  • Denoting the last period of the Paleozoic era, between the Carboniferous and Triassic periods
  • The concept of the Permian was introduced in 1841 by geologist Sir Roderick Murchison
  • Named it after the city of Perm

Expanded info:

  • Mass extinctions have sometimes accelerated the evolution of life on Earth
  • When dominance of particular ecological niches passes from one group of organisms to another, a group that is “superior” to the old emerges
  • Extinction events primarily eliminates old dominant groups that are inferior and makes way for the new one


Dodging the bullet

  • an expression meaning to escape an unfortunate fate