Etana SI4

 The reign of Light will be long and peaceful.



  • Ancient, legendary Sumerian king of the city of Kish
  • According to the Sumerian king list, he is one of the kings who reigned after the deluge
  • The list calls Etana “the shepherd, who ascended to heaven and consolidated all the foreign countries”

The Deluge

  • A flood myth or deluge myth is a great flood, sent by a deity or deities to destroy civilization, often in an act of divine retribution or renewal

Expanded info:

Etana legend

  • Legend states he was desperate to have a child, until one day when he helped save an eagle from starving, that eagle took him up into the sky to find the plant of birth and this led to the birth of his son, Balih
  • There is a tree with the eagle’s nest at the top, and a serpent at the base. Both the serpent and eagle promised (the sun god) Utu they would behave well toward one another, and share food with their children
  • Within the legend one day, the eagle eats the serpent’s children. The serpent comes returns and cries, so Utu tells the serpent to hide inside of the stomach of a dead bull. When the eagle approaches to eat the bull, the serpent captures the eagle, and throws him into a pit to die of hunger and thirst
  • Utu sends a man, Etana, to help the eagle. Etana saves the eagle, but he also asks the bird to find the plant of birth, in order to become father of a son. The eagle takes Etana up to the heaven where the god Anu resides. Etana is afraid while acending and he falls back to the ground. Later he tries again, and finds the plant of birth, which allows him to have Balih