Erentil FR4

Bring on the sunrise.


Erentil from the names Aurvandil or Earendel (Old Norse: Aurvandil; Old English: Ēarendel;

Aurvandil: The Brave

  • The husband of Groa. Aurvandil was rescued by Thor from the giants and carried him across the icy river Elivagar in a basket
  • One of Aurvandil’s toes froze, and Thor broke it off and threw it into the sky, where it shines like a bright star
  • May be the origin for the name of a star or planet, potentially the morning star (Eosphoros) ‘planet’ means wanderer.

In German Orentil (Erentil) is the hero of a medieval poem of the same name. He is son of a certain Eigel of Trier and has numerous adventures in the Holy Land

The Old Norse variant appears in purely mythological context, linking the name to a star. The only known attestation of the Old English Earendel refers to a star exclusively

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