“Eon Trespass”

Born from the mind of Elsie Bray, three years before she disappeared.



  • Indefinite time Aion: unbound God of eternity (Tracer events)slice of time in fossils proving a mass extinction


  • Eonothem in geology is Eon 4 total, half a billion years or more
  • Chronozone is a geographical area in fossils chron a slice of time that begins at a given event and ends at another

  • Trespasser
    • Interloper Traversing The act of Trespassing on a property, that is, without the permission of the owner.

Expanded info:


Eon symbol

  • “changes the burden of old age like a snake who sloughs off the coils of the useless old scales, rejuvenescing while washing.” “in the swells of the laws (of time).”