Dead Fall

Nobody ventured farther.



  • Trap consisting of a heavy weight positioned to fall on an animal.
  • Tangled mass of fallen trees and brush


    “Captain Nemo” by Kevin J Anderson

    All three ships Deadfall, Sojouner and Captain Nemo are mentioned in Chapter 4

    “During the first moths of his island sojourn, Nemo had built a hut of branches and deadfall in the lowlands as a place to store supplies and sleep while he worked on the permanent and defensible home inside the cliff.”

    • When Nemo is faced with his own uncertain death he overcomes his fate and survives
    • This chapter tells of his attempts to escape an island he is marooned on. Here he is forced to build tools and instruments to help himself survive the solitary dense jungle and rocky terrain
    • He builds a glider based on his knowledge of da Vinci’s drawings and his own genius mind
    • Once a flight he is able to scout the island and work twards his adventure that lays ahead

    From the book “Captain Nemo” by Kevin J Anderson:

    • This book plays with the question “What if Nemo was a real man, whose actual life was more fantastic and adventurous than all the fictions it inspired?”
    • Andre Nemo, the man behind the myth is a free-spirited and inventive son of a French shipbuilder, Nemo goes to sea as a cabin boy, faces marauding pirates and bloodthirsty sharks, is marooned for years on a mysterious island, battles prehistoric monsters long believed extinct, journeys to the center of the Earth, balloons across Africa, escapes from Arab slavers, discovers the fabled city of Timbuktu, endures a plague of locusts, survives the Charge of the Light Brigade, tends to the wounded with Florence Nightingale, is pressed into service by the ruthless Robert the Conqueror, and, ultimately, wages war on War itself as the captain of his greatest creation: the legendary underwater vessel known as the Nautilus
    • This story also explores the story of Nemo’s childhood friend, Jules Verne, who would later become the man and Legendary author of 20,000 leagues under the sea

    Expanded info:

    20,000 leagues under the sea

    Sci-Fi novel -Jules Verne

    Story of Captain Nemo

    • Prince Dakkar from the  Antihero-roams the sea via legendary submarine the Nautilus
    • One of the best known antiheroes in fiction, mysterious son of an Indian Raja, is a scientific genius who roams the depths of the ocean
    • He has a deep disdain for oppression, and imperialistic nations. He is driven by vengeance and will protect those that are oppressed
    • “On the surface, they can still exercise their iniquitous laws, fight, devour each other, and indulge in all their earthly horrors. But thirty feet below the (sea’s) surface, their power ceases, their influence fades, and their dominion vanishes. “Ah, monsieur, to live in the bottom of the sea! There I recognize no master! There I am free!”


    Flavor text is repeated in Captain Nemo and sojourner speaks of the Nautilus