Dead End Cure, Far Gone Hood

  1. “D.E.C. means you don’t have to travel alone. Unless you want to.” —D.E.C., 1st Brother to Unknown
  2. “The path don’t end. You do.” —D.E.C. slogan
  3. “There’s no dead ends, fella.” —D.E.C., 1st Sister to Unknown
  4. “We kill miles.” —D.E.C. slogan
  5. Worn by 1st Brothers and Sisters of the Dead End Cure, a notorious posse of itinerant Hunter.


Far gone

  • In a bad or worsening state, especially so as to be beyond recovery.
    “a few frames from the original film were too far gone to salvage”
    advanced in time

Dead End

  • The end of a road or passage from which no exit is possible
  • (of a road or passage) come to a dead end.

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