Cosmic Wind III

  1. It is a Warlock’s duty to carry the seeds of life where they are most needed.
  2. “How does Light make you tougher? Bullets strike your armor and then decide they didn’t.”
  3. Do not let confusion lead you astray. Wear it like a crest of honor.
  4. Experimental guardianists speak of “levels,” breakpoints in Guardian skill, and resilience.


Cosmic wind

  • Powerful cosmic force that can push interstellar dust clouds of low density into intergalactic space
  • Easily pushes low density gas and dust clouds, yet can not easily push high density clouds
  • As the cosmic winds start to push the clouds, they separate and start looking like taffy being pulled apart
  • It has a primary composition of photons ejected from large stars and sometimes thermal energy from exploding stars
  • Can be caused by orbital motion of gas in the cluster of a galaxy, or can be ejected from a black hole. Because new stars and planets form from gases, the cosmic winds that push the gases away are preventing new stars from forming

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