The Battle of Carrhae

  • Fought in 53 BC between the Roman Republic and the Parthian Empire near the town of Carrhae
  • The Parthian general Surena decisively defeated the much larger Roman force under the command of Marcus Licinius Crassus
  • The Romans were fooled by the Parthian pretended flight tactics
  • This stopped the Roman invasion of Parthian Mesopotamia
  • Crassus was envious of his  partner, Pompey and Julius Caesars military reputation so he started a campaign to conquer territories and invaded the Parthians
  • The Parthian Arsacid dynasty had created a powerful Asian empire that stretched from eastern Turkey to Iran, and at the Battle of Carrhae, the Parthian mounted archers proved superior to the heavy infantry of the Roman legions
  • They went so far as to humiliate Crassus in which he was ultimately beheaded
  • His remaining soldiers were beaten and paraded around Carrhae
  • There are reports of molten gold being poured down the mouth of the severed head
  • The Romans were fooled by the Parthian pretended flight tactic

Parthian shot

  • Famous military tactic. While on horseback & reverse mounted highly skilled archers shoot their enemy at full speed retreat
  • This proved very devastating choosing to chase a retreating enemy that can utilize this tactic