Blood Maturation:

  • Creation of mature blood deep within the bone “The marrow of life” The endless regenerative cycle, DNA stem cell function
  • Deep inside of our skeletal system our bone marrow the soft tissue where blood and lymph cells are created from hematopoietic stem cells
  • This process creates both “daughter” cells & new stem cells that repeat the process creating an endless & regenerative cycl
  • They produce billions of blood cells every day.

Expanded info:

  • Each progenitor cell will divide and multiply into new types of cells until finally reaching the full maturity and differentiation
  • Four primary types of cells are created red cells, white cells, platelets and plasma cells
  • Our blood cells reach full maturity in the marrow before they migrate into the blood vessels and enter the blood stream
  • White cells, such as T-cell lymphocyctes do not reach full maturity in the marrow but instead migrate to the lymph nodes & thymus where they must fully evolve