Black Tiger-2SR

I creep unseen through the darkness.


Black tiger is a rare colour variant of the tiger

  • It is not a distinct species or geographic subspecies
  • Refers to ghost mark as similar to those on black panthers
  • Most black mammals are due to the non-agouti mutation

Agouti is the ticking of each individual hair

  • In certain light, the pattern still shows up because the background color is less dense than the colour of the markings
  • “Black tigers” are Pseudo-melanistic tigers that have thick stripes so close together that the background is barely visible between stripes
  • Black leopards are sometimes misidentified as black tigers

Many fabled sightings have been reported of black tigers in the wild and seemingly have ghost like qualities. Often times the reports are written describing them wandering at night in hidden locations and under dubious scenarios

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