Apotheosis Veil

 Most helmets protect the mind from the universe. Not this one.



  • A Perfect form
  • Deification to “make divine”
    Raising one to godlike status


  • Egyptian practice to deify all dead Pharaohs as Osiris. Once a Pharaoh passed away they began the Apotheosis


  • The process of one’s mortal self reaching enlightenment
  • A transference of the soul unto the heavens
  • Many cultures hold this belief and it marks the time when a soul or a life passes on to an astral plane

Expanded info:


  • Many kings and leaders have depictions of themselves that were  drawn by artist depicting them  reaching this heavenly state
  • “Marks the unveiling of one’s soul unto apotheosis”

Serpents tail perk

  • “Now named private reserves” Symbol of rebirth