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-Opposite points on a circle to which can divide itself in half


  • Antipodal points- two points on a sphere are antipodal if they are opposite through the center.
    Each line through the center intersects the sphere in two points, and creates equal halves.

Mental State

  • Heaven and Hell metaphorically refer to be two contrary mystical experiences that potentially await when one opens the “doors of perception”—not only in a mystical experience, but in prosaic life.-Huxley
  • The state at which the door to the mind can unveil a true state of awareness otherwise invisible because of biological limitations.


  • The ability to see upcoming events before becoming aware of it.
    “Knew it all along phenomenon”. The inclination, after an event has occurred, to see the event as having been predictable, despite there having little or no forms for predicting it.

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  • Popular expression: “Hindsight is twenty/twenty” The idea that looking back on past events, one has perfect vision. Often used to show how one has learned a lesson.