Annihilating, Crushing, Relentless, Judgement

  1. “For the Light who seeks to attack with their entire body.” —Emissary of the Nine
  2. “For one who seeks to reach out… and destroy.” —Emissary of the Nine
  3. “For the Light who challenges a blow by staring into it.” —Emissary of the Nine
  4. “For the Light who seeks to root their stance as their weapon consumes the enemy.” —Emissary of the Nine
  5. “A signifier of force.” —Emissary of the Nine
  6. “For one who seeks to use their head in a fight.” —Emissary of the Nine
  7. “For the Light who exercises brute force to win an exchange.” —Emissary of the Nine
  8. “For one who willingly bleeds for the chance to destroy their opponent.” —Emissary of the Nine
  9. “For the Light who seeks to be immovable.” —Emissary of the Nine
  10. “For you as much as it is for them. They seek to observe your absolute force.” —Emissary of the Nine



  • Destroy utterly; obliterate
  • Utterly defeat someone


  • Deform, pulverize, or force inwards by compressing forcefully
  • Violently subdue


  • Make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions
  • Decision made in court


  • Oppressively constant; incessant
  • Harsh or inflexible
  • Unforgiving, and persistent

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