Angelic Acid

  • angelica archangelica plant Used in Absinthe Chemical compound-volatile solid used in painkillers, pain relievers & medicines
  • Discovered and isolated from the roots of a plant Angelica by German pharmacist Ludwig Andreas Buchner in 1842
  • Russian “Wild celery” has a similar appearance to several poisonous species & should not be consumed unless identified thoroughly

Expanded info:

  • Angelic acid occurs in the roots of many plants, a volatile solid with a biting taste and pungent sour odor
  • Angelica archangelica for which it gets its name. The small mericaps of it’s fruit are used in making Absinthe
  • Absinthe​ aka “the green fairy” or “Grand Wormwood” is a highly alcoholic​ drink, thought to be hallucinogenic & is bright green in color
  • This drink was given to Malaria patients and may be reason why it was rumored as causing hallucinations
  • Absinthe was band & was thought to have been responsible for many evil acts mainly because it was abused by addicts & bohemians at that time


  • Many famous artist, poets, authors and musicians have been known to drink Absinthe because of it’s infamous history.
  • Vincent Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, Toulouse Lautrec, Emile Zola, Arthur Rimbuad, Leary etc…