Nothing exists which can’t be broken down into constituent parts.


Amplitude of a periodic variable

  • Measure of its change over a single period (such as time or spatial period)
  • For acoustic waves in air, the peaks represent high air pressure, and the troughs, low air pressure. At any point in space, the air pressure varies or oscillates from high to low with a frequency set by the pitch of the sound in question. As time moves on, if you stand in one place, peaks are followed by troughs which are followed by peaks again, with a repetition rate (or period) set by the frequency of the sound

Constituent part

  • Component part of something
  • Part of a whole

Expanded info:

Peaks and Troughs

  • An instant in time the ‘height’ of the wave varies with distance from a vibration source, and at each point on the waves surface the height varies with time.