Agrona PR2/PR4

  1. Defeat is inevitable… for someone. Make sure it isn’t you.
  2. Do not be afraid. Our fate cannot be taken from us. It is a gift.


Agrona is of Celtic meaning is “battle”

  • Agronā was a hypothetical reconstructed Proto-Celtic name for the river Ayr in Scotland, later applied to the river Aeron in Wales
  • It was claimed to be of was name for the river Ayr in Scotland and could be worked back to a hypothetical Proto-Celtic ‘river goddess of slaughter and carnage’ named Agronā
  • Many questionable Scottish nationalist attempted to use the River Ayr place-name to claim Taliesin’s battle poems for Scotland
  • Instead it was derived the river Ayr was simply from the root *Ara
  • The earlier claim that the river’s name literally means ‘carnage’ still persists and the alleged ‘goddess’ even entered some encyclopedias, and the derivation to ‘carnage’ has since become casually conflated with the similarly-named Welsh river Aeron
  • However, in historical memory the opposite meaning for the River Aeron pertained, in the Welsh Language and states that the Aeron named for rivers in living Welsh meant: “queen of brightness”

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