Painted Abaddon SR5

A single-fire Omolon firearm, earned through glory in the Crucible.

This spelling means or refers to the personification of active destruction or “The Destroyer”


  • Thought to mean angel of death or angel of the abyss


  • “Avad dohn” is literally “A bad Dawn”
  • This is referring to the active destruction taking  place in the fiery burial place of the dead known as “Sheol”-the grave of mankind.
  • Sheol is described as both on fire and in snow.


  • The two spellings Abbadon and Abaddon signifying his fall
  • origin is from Greek “Apollyon”
  • Fallen Angel who became the realm of the dead. AKA “Angel of the Abyss”
  • There are many conflicting accounts of who and what Abbadon/Abaddon is. He’s both a hero and Villain depending on the source of literature.
  • He is said to be in league with Lucifer, and a King in Hell in some references.
  • In others, he wrestled with Satan during the the Apocalypse and cast him into the Abyss, where he was ultimately defeated and bound.